Zj Chrome Drops new Single Ex-HerCise Featuring Vybz Kartel


Zj Chrome recently released his album on itunes. On the album is a single called Exhercise featruing Vybz Kartel. For those of us who live under a rock Kartel has been imprisoned for two years now but producers keep on releasing songs that he did before he was imprisoned. People who are unaware keep saying that Kartel is recording songs from prison. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t! Chrome is a popular disc jock. I interviewed him in 2009 for TEENage Observer .

Kartel also has a song with  Cr2O3 records (Chrome’s record label)  on the decibels rhythm called Georgina! I love that song (the clean version anyway). Who better to ask than Kartel himself if he is recording in prison. In the end though the answer wasn’t conclusive he still didn’t say an absolute no, Kartel is not recording songs in prison. It is still up to you whether or not you want to believe he is regording in prison.


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