Picture from Robin Thicke's latest single

Picture from Robin Thicke’s latest single video shoot

It’s now late 2016 and Bruno Mars has done it again. The producet tapped into that sixties sound. The song is called twenty four carrats






A SLEW of modern songs have been released by three different international artistes that I am absolutely in love with. People have been saying that the songs of today will not last . As in people wont remember them. So these artistes took a lesson from their fore-artistes (yep I coined a word) and imitated their styles  including how they dress in the music video (in the case of Bruno Mars) and the sound of the instrumental (All three singles).

This is a picture from the set of the video.

This is a picture from the set of the video.

The name of the songs are Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell and TI (the video for this is hilarious by the way), Treasure by Bruno Mars and Get Lucky by Daft Punk also featuring Pharrell Williams. (Seems like Pharrell loves to sing these oldies type of songs too.)

on the set of the video

Pharrell performing get lucky with Daft Punk

These are definite hits. A lot of people try to emphasize the negativity in today’s music. This blog isn’t about that S$%^!  We speak about positive more than negative. I must say that as a black girl its refreshing to see another black girl as the lead girl of an international music video and its done tastefully. Kudos to Mars on this one. (Even though the video quality is poor, lol maybe he is also trying to emulate the poor video quality of the 60’s and 70’s who knows?)

Promotional picture for the single

Promotional picture for the single

These songs are a perfect example that subtlety in songs can still be hits. In get lucky the guys are obviously saying they want to have sex with the girl but he says he’s up all night to get lucky. Also its a similar them in blurred lines in the video the girls even are half naked but I believe it was done in a tasteful artistic manner.

Check out the videos for these songs below.

Back when I first wrote this post these songs I’m about to write about weren’t in existence… it’s now Fevruary 2015.

Bruno Mars and Pharrell Williams did it again…they were obviously inspired by oldies in their music.

There is this new song called Uptown Funk which is a Mark Ronson production. The beat was inspired by the 80’s. The people in the video even dress in 80’s fashion. At first when I heard this song I wondered why the song was called  “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and the vocals are by Bruno Mars. But then I realised that Ronson is the producer and this song is  for his album which was released in 2015 called “Uptown Special”. He is in the music video though. He is the guy sitting on the car (watch closely LOL). Ronson has worked with artistes such as Adele. Check out the video below.

The next modern song that reminds me of oldies music is “She came to give it you by Usher ft Nicki Minaj”and uncredited vocals from Pharrell Williams. It was released on July 8, 2014, through RCA Records  as the second single from his upcoming eighth studio album, UR (2015). This song wasn’t as big a hit as his other productions. In my opinion.

 Check out the video below


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