Shout outs for My Blog!

I have a youtube Channel

Queen Leo TV Logo I designed it myself

Queen Leo TV Logo
Idesigned it myself

Here is the link for my youtube channel There I have posted my work. It is called QueenLeoTv. I developed this when I decided I need a creative outlet where I could post my work, on my terms. Here are the various celebrities who have shout out my Blog: The every vivacious reggae Mumma! Nadine Sutherland

The Sexy eyes cutie The Mad Professor Dj Nicco

And My Radio Hubby Zip Jock Chrome

Oh by the way. I need a job that actually pays me. So I entered this video competition called the face of loop. Loop is an online newspaper where you can get news anytime anywhere as long as you like the Facebook page or have the app! I need your votes. I am embarrassed by the audition video because it was obvious I was reading from the phone. I should have memorized what I was saying but I was nervous. Give me the chance to work on it!

Here are the instructions to vote for me
Go to

go to more
go to face of loop video contest
then videos
like this video
share it please with everyone in your email

Anyway that was then… It is now 2015 and more celebrities have shout out my blog! The first one is the Syvah King Ding Dong of Ravas Clavas I’m not satisfied with the video. Will edit it later. Check it out below.


Other celebrities that have shout out my blog are the brother  and sister duo

Kellisa and Keznamdi. They performed on International Women’s Day at my school. They performed their new song “Live for Today” which is produced by Walshy Fire (from the group Major Lazer).

PS I can’t believe this is the same Keznamdi I saw when he was in diapers (LOL).

Please check out the video below

Check out the video below


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