Women’s Issues and Being a Celebrity

This image that was made by someone that clearly has no respect  for women

This image that was made by someone that clearly has no respect for women

Hello ya’ll I know it’s been a minute since I have posted but I have been really busy with trying to integrate into the “real world” because the famous “Head deacon” isn’t satisfied with my progression of becoming a young lady. I am being encouraged to find “a good Christian man” so that she can have “good Christian grand-children” that’s another story. I digresse. What prompted me to write this post is that someone made the image the above image. As a woman I cannot believe that men think they can buy a woman’s p@%sy. Even a prostitute decided to give u her p@%sy you still don’t own her.

Yendi and Chino In Happier times

In Happier times

Yendi Phillips is a public figure. So is Chino. They are celebrties and we tend to think that everything in their life is fair gain. I have no problem with that and we should understand that.

But …

We are forgetting the innocent little child in all of this. She was put on this earth for a purpose. She is new to all of this. She just sees her parents as regular people. As a mother Yendi is not thinking about her personal needs. I believe this because I know Yendi is an independent woman. The woman has won 2 local beauty pageants and came second in the international one. She aint broke ya’ll. She is looking out for the best interest as a child.

when she anounced to the world she and Chino were having their child

when Yendi and Chino announced to the world they  were having their child

Chino is a big international artiste whose father owns a label. This is not Chino’s first child. He was even voted “Best baby Fada” by Observer. I think that was a stupid category by the way but that is another post.


It takes two to tango. I’m sure Yendi is not a hermaphodite that used her own sperm to make a fertilized egg. The pregnancy was highly publicised So I am disappointed that they have to go to court to work it out. And then on social media and on the radio I’m hearing most of the male aritstes siding with Chino.

And saying Yendi is a gold digger. Gold diggers are women who were broke before and are trying to elevate themselves by sleeping with men to get there. Yendi grew up privelaged and was used to a certain lifestyle long before Chino.

Yes some might argue $60,000 is a lot to maintain a child but you cannot compare your lifestyle to that of Chino and Yendi’s. They should know their respective expenses. And Chino Probably makes that money just from making one dub. So what might seem like a lot of money to us might not be that to both of them.

So tink bout dat! Please don’t get me wrong I am not taking sides here.

Chino has said that he was not being allowed to see his child. If that is so true why didn’t he take Yendi to court to organize mutual custody. We do not know what goes on behind the scenes. There are three sides to every story my side your side and the truth and we will never know the full story.

As a young lady. I have been called gold digger becuase men want what’s in between my legs without wanting to take responsibilty for what happens to me. These are the type of men that will get me pregnant and leave me to deal with the consequences. All in all, this has caused me to think about my life partner very cautiously and wisely.

P.S. I do agree with the head deacon that I need to settle down. So please pray for me I find someone soon 😉

Your Girl DQueenLeo


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