Top 25 Break Up songs – Those songs that help you through your relationships ending

So you just broke up with your significant other and you feel like slashing his/her tires! Because he/she cheated on you. Go ahead and do it! Or your “on a break”. Or you have tried to get someone who is “unavailable”. Just kidding instead of doing it here are some songs that can help you cry through it or smash something into pieces whilepretending it is your ex’s head! LOL rhn 25. Air Chris Brown ft Jordin Sparks and Get better in Time by Leona Lewis

These songs might make you cry a bit. But after a break up crying is good. it’s ok to mourn your loss. But don’t stay there forever. It will all get better with time!

24. Ring the Alarm – Beyonce and Jealous Nick Jonas

If you feel like smashing his/her head in. Get something and smash it really hard! or tear up a pillow! or Get a baseball bat and take your anger out on something you don’t mind loosing while pretending it’s your ex you are breaking up with. Ring the Alarm will be especially usefull for my ladies and jealous for my men!

23. Habbits by Tove Lo and I love it icon Pop

I guarantee that if you do what exactly these song says. you’ll feel better. i don’t encourage the use of drugs though. So get high on something cool like some good music or get a candy rush. If you are a woman have a girls night out and go to a male strip club! I guarantee you will forget your ex. even it’s for a moment.

22. JustinTimberlake Cry me  a River and Let it Burn by Usher

If you’re a guy I gaurantee you will fell better after listening to both these songs. Did you give her everything and all she wanting to do was take everything from you. if you’re a girl you might feel a little guilty

21.  Chandelier Sia  and Summer Time Sadness Lana Del Ray

if you have a chandelier swing from it! I’m joking. If you met your love in the summer don’t mope around thinking about that time.  Exercise. go dancing. or dance at home by yourself. Do whatever makes you fell happy. you were a person before you knew your ex. You’ll live.

20. Passenger let her go

Do what the song says. If you love him/her let them go and if you are really meant to be. you will get back together! 19.Grenade Bruno Mars

If you do what this song says! I’m sorry to tell you. you’re crazy get some help. I ain’t catching no grenade for anyone for love nor money! So just listen to this song and catch a frisby lol. And have a nice cry!

18. Bonnie Rait- I can’t make you love me

This song has been covered by so many different artistes. It was given a breath of fresh air by Tank. Realise that you can’t make anyone love you. Your Mr./Mrs. Right for you is out there. Face it there isn’t a perfect person! But there is someone right for you! it wil;l happen to you when you least expect it.

17. Jazmine Sullivan Bust You’re Windows

Instead of actually doing these things, listen to this song! Or you could actually do it while playing this song. But you’d go to jail

16 Fun House by Pink

After your girlfriend/boyfriend has left you. Especially for another woman/man. All those memories of what used to be haunts you and you feel like you’re hearing their voices. Your not imagining thing. The mind is a recorder! All the good and bad things that you experience will come back to haunt you. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. DON’T SIT AROUND AND MOPE! DO SOMETHING FUN! EsPECIALLY WITH A GROUP OF FRIENDS!. 15.  I’m OUT by Ciara ft Nicki Minaj and Freakum Dress by Beyonce

Yes. Because you have broken up you will feel like love stinks.  But go out! Put your Freakum Dress on and have a blast! So go ahead shout along to these songs and turn up the radio.

14.  What now? and Rihanna Unfaithful

That person was special to you and you will always love them. But as I said before let them go! Love you. Do you!

13. Broken Hearted Girl by Beyonce

Say it with me ladies! I might be the broken hearted girl but I won’t be the broken hearted girl forever. Sing along with this song until you feel better! 12. Cry  and Breaking Dishes by Rihanna

As I said before, crying can be therapeutic! Go ahead and cry! Don’t let your ex see you though!

11. Emergency Room ft Akon and Rihanna

Yes you are crying! It’s ok. Listen to this you’ll feel better! Don’t send the poor guyy/girl to the emergency room!

10. Rehab Rihanna ft  Justin Timberlake

Did you devote all your time to this person? Did you give him/her your all? Well let this song be your rehab Don’t end up there

9. Kelly Clarkson- Since you’ve been gone

You’re single relax. enjoy yourself your free to do what you want! Run aroudn the house naked if you want!

8. I will always love you Whitney Huston

Whitney Houston voice

“And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Howl to the music. howl it to the moon. you will always love them but you will get oever it!

7. Sinead Oconnor – Nothing Compares to you

 You think no one compares to that person? oh really. youll find someone.

6. Lonely Akon and Travelling Soldier by the Divie Chicks

Your lonely right now. That’s ok. Sing these songs. you will feel better!

5. Adele- Someone Like You

You’ll find someone liek that person. or even better! Give yourself a big hug!

4.Beyonce Irreplaceable and Taylor Swift Blank Space

You are you that new girl/guy can’t replace you. Move on! Also you will experience rage, jealousy and all these things expressed in each song.

You are normal. You are entitled to your feelings

3. F@&k It Eamon and  F@#k You right Back Frankee

This is for my ladies

This is for my guys!

and as an extra bonus keeping with the F@C% theme F@c% you by Ceelo Green

2. Black Widow Rita Ora ft Iggy Azeale and Nicki Minaj Pills and Potions

Have some angry sex!  Call up someone a get that booty call! Use protection though! I don’t want you to regret the next day! These songs says enough.



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