FAME FM takes Over Integration Thursdays – The last Hurrah

The last Integration Thursdays held at the Student’s Union on the Mona Campus was so much fun! It was held in collaboration with FAME FM. There were glow sticks and the Appleton girls did a good job of getting the crowd warmed up and keeping the crowd entertained. Even the warm up Disc Jockey Copper Q built up the Vybz when only few patrons were in the venue.


From One Curvy Diva to the Next Queen Leo with the Curvy Diva Yanique Barrett

So many people where trying to enter the venue that for security reasons the music had to be turned off so that the police could calm the patrons outside down and everything could return to normal. After this the music  resumed and Dj Nicco continued to play. There were performances by POPCAAN and other artistes. Unfortunatley I didn’t get any footage of their performances because I had to leave. Enjoy the video below.

Nuff love REĚŇA LEO


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