Tribute to Beyonce Knowles and how her Music has impacted my Life…continued

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles

The next set of songs from Beyonce that have had an impact on my life are:

Get me bodied, Move ya body, Countdown, Love on Top, End of Time. Infact almost every song from her album called  4.

But before I explain why these  songs have impacted my life.

Let me take time to acknowledge another earth Angel Shaun Chablal aka Zj Chrome. I met Chrome in 2008 and he has proven to be a very good friend. Truth be told, I had a huge crush on Chrome.

But the beauty of it is that Chrome has never come to me with any sexual argument either. They say good men aern’t around anymore that isn’t true! I’m not saying he’s perfect but he is a good role model. He is a hard worker a good father and a business man. You have seen in my previous posts that I call him my radio hussy. I call him this because he is my mentor. Chrome is a musical genius. PEOPLE who do not understand music would not know the half of it.

He is a producer, a disc jockey and a studio engineer. Like me, he plays a couple of instruments.

Chrome and I are kindred spirits. Like Rashid , I could call Chrome any time for advice and he would never be too busy. And Chrome is one of the most in demand djs in Jamaica. Chrome is a strategist because he made listening to night time radio fun.

Before him people used to put night time radio off as something you use to put yourself to sleep.

Chrome created the Jamaican version of Team No Sleep (#TNS) where he would shout out all his listeners at 11:30 pm. This motivated listeners to stay with him until 2 am. During his show he would ask listeners various questions on Twitter. Before you knew it you were up all night and you had work or school the next day (LOL). I know because I am talking from experience here.

Chrome also made Team No Sleep memorabilia such as tshirts, and caps. And he even has his own chain with #TNS on it.

Chrome doesn’t know this but it was him who inspired me to do my first remix. I requested that he played Who Run the World on Zip and I couldn’t find any audio of it on youtube.

So I put my own twist on it. Chrome has built so many rhythms and everyday he gets new ideas for more and more.

Now back to the songs I stated Get me bodied was my jam in 2007  but it was released in 2006.

Beyonce remixed it for a campaign that Michelle Obama was having trying to encourage children to exercise in 2011. Bwoy! Did those songs get me moving.

Now I mentioned that Get me bodied was one of my favourite songs. This is because when I hear about it I think of my old friend  Kyle Campbell. It was Kyle who was watching Get me bodied  at Observer then I started to dance to it.

Now,  before I say why the other songs inspire me let me take time to shout out two men that have had a lasting impact on my life. Nikhail and Orlando Campbell.

Nikhail was there for me when I was having issues on Irvine. He walked with me with my dirty clothes in the middle of the night. He carried my dirty laundry from Irvine to Utech.

and ensured I reached home safely. He also did the sketch for my Lil idle project the Little Green Girl. Which I eventually plan to turn into a movie.

Orlando has been there for me when I need someone to give me a joke and a friend to talk to.

When I hear Love On Top I think of what Orlando and Nikhail have done for me as my true friends. Because they were there for me at my worst moments on Hall and I mean all of them

And they say good men don’t exist anymore. Look how many examples I have had in my life of ambitious, caring, innovative young men?

So back to linking my life with Queen B

I loved Countdown because I loved the fact that Beyonce was still dancing and touring even though she was pregnant.

It also made me think of a crush. Yes people!  Every romantic song i hear makes me think about a crush!

The next song is End of Time

This song inspired me so much that I began to do my own choreography to it. I tried to start an all girl group which would include my friend Kedesha Blake and Rochelle Whittingham  and my sister’s friend Krystal.

Kedesha would come with me and rehearse with me. Somehow the other girls were too shy or not serious about it .

You would think we we were rehearsing for some big stage show. But no. We were rehearsing for Kareoke.

Who choreograhs an entire dance routine and plans harmonies for Kareoke? Janelle does! When  I hear that song I think of me and Kedesha laughing together when I tried to get her to perform the choreography . The next song that had a big impact on my life is 1+1

Before I tell you why let me take time to shout out another admirable young man. His name is Nimmoy Burrowes.

He was my first true friend on Irvine. He was the one that gave me my hall name “Bulb”.

Nimmoy allowed me to follow him around when he was doing his dj thing on campus.

I was also at parties he and his group would host on Fridays. He developed my interest in djying. Up till now I haven’t actually attempted to do a mix on actual turntables yet.

Because I can’t afford to buy them right now. But one day I will.

End of Time also has another meaning for me. As I told you I lived on irvine Hall. This is where I met not  one but two of my truest and dearest friends. Dwannia Lake and Sheneka Davidson. This is while I was in Pure and Applied Sciences. Dwannia is a true friend in every sense of the word. She literally took the shoes she was wearing off her feet so that  I could wear decent shoes to dance class. She taught me about weave and how to put on make up properly and how to put myself together as a young lady. Because as you know my tendency is to be real gangsta. I love my bicycle and I love doing things that would usually be associated with what boys like to do. I will do a post on my bicycle and songs that inspire me to ride LOL.

Anyway Sheneka is studying to be a medical doctor. You can’t find a more genuine soul than Sheneka. She would counsel me and tell me what I needed to hear when everyone was picking on me. When I decided to run for hall cheer. Which was a joke in my mind. She stood up for me when they were targeting her. I never really intended to run for Hall chair because I knew it was a lot of responsibility that I wasn’t ready for. But I think I would have made a good deputy Hall chair. Where I would advise the Hall cheer on what to do.

The song that I remember when I think of these two friends are End of Time which I posted earlier. I will love those two women until the End of Time. Because they were always there for me when  it mattered most.

Now the songs  by Queen B that inspired me at my time at CARIMAC  during my time on hall and after I was living at home again were Partition, Drunk in Love, Flawless and Best Thing I Never had.

I will explain why they have meant something to me later.


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