Ding Dong Shares How he came up with the Syvah Dance

Syvah and Shampoo are really cool dances. The traction for Syvah started in 2014 and the momentum for both songs are still going. When I first heard the names of these stances I immediately though what foolishness…couldn’t whoever came up with these names find something better to call it. But it turns out these dances are pretty cool and you can’t go anywhere in the world that plays dancehall music and you don’t hear Shampoo or Syvah (especially Syvah). The creator of these dance moves is Kemzari Ottey most people would know him as Ding Dong.

Ding Dong

This is my first official post for 2015! I wanted my first post to be something interesting so here is the exclusive interview with Ding Dong. I did this interview for a part of my television documentary for school. The documentary is about the connection between Jamaican Folk dances and modern dancehall dances. I think it’s pretty cool that I get to do a topic that I am actually interested for school. But doing this documentary has shown me how mean people can be for absolutely no reason. Makes me wonder what it would be like for me if I ever have to beg money (lol. But seriously when you have to ask people to do something it is interesting.

It hasn’t been all bad though people who I expected to give me trouble to interview actually were more accommodating. This television documentary has also taught me the importance of team work and making friends before you need them. After all this work can you believe the documentary is only supposed to be 6 mins!!!!

Well check out the video below


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