Does Size Really Matter?

A model who seems to be a proud Member of the small boobs club

A model who seems to be a proud Member of the small boobs club

Haha! This post isn’t what you’re thinking about.But… it is about another part of the human body that is highly sexual yet highly nurturing and feminine in nature.

Lil tomatoes lil tots,  sunnny-side ups these are some of the names for small breasts.  Many women have an issue with having small breasts.  I can honestly say Im not one them.  I was though. I can say I’m a proud member of the small tits club.  To get into this club you need to be designed by the Creator with small breasts. There is no membership fee.

You can come out of the club temporarily by stuffing your bra with bra fillers such as socks,  tissue, or for a more natural look silicone and/or getting push up bras.  If you would permanently like to leave this club you can do plastic surgery but it’s gonna cost you a pretty penny.

I am writing  this post because a women’s breast size is something a lot of women have issues with. Women in general have issues with their outward appearance especially butt and breast size.

While growing up my bust size wasn’t an issue for me.  Until when I hit puberty and I was told my breasts would grow. The thing is they didn’t really  (LOL) or not enough for me to notice. I wasn’t concerned though.

The only time I became concerned was when someone else pointed it out to me. One friend to took a picture of me putting a bikini top over my blouse and called them my little mosquitoes. I laughed it off when he said this. But then I thought dang  my breasts are small but why do people feel they need to point it out to me as if I’m supposed to want to do something about it.

Another proud model who is a member of the small boobs club

Another proud model who is a member of the small boobs club

This not only happens with my breasts but because I am full figured aka “fat” people always feel they need to encourage me to exercise or if they see me eating something unhealthy they say that isn’t doing anything for me. I understand that people tell me about exercise and eating healthy because they care. But what if I am one of those women that is quite content with my size whether it is healthy or not.

For the record I am happy being curvaceous. I especially love my ass.  But, I am not happy with my size at the moment but I am at a stage where I’m lazy and I don’t intend to change right now. I tried starting to exercise again by using exercise videos but there is just no motivation at this stage. Food is comforting right now. I will get out of this phase eventually but the healthy lifestyle is work and it’s life work and I can’t be bothered with that much work on top of school work and life right now. I digress back to the topic.

Even though I’m not one of those women embracing the “fluffy to di flipping world” in spite of the health risks I am one of those women that even if she comes into a lot of money won’t get breasts implants ( I hope writing this on the internet doesn’t come back to haunt me lol).

But seriously, I’m happy with my breast size and think they are fine for my body. I always wonder if I had big boobs and big but and was this size how I would look? I already get enough attention with this bumpa imagine both. I couldn’t handle it lol.

The fact that I could even write a blog post about this is one of the reasons I prefer blogging to writing formal articles. I can write whatever I feel. It’s my opinion. Even writing “lol” in a post is comforting.

Even though I am content with my bust size many women aren’t. A lot of it has to do with the media and what is portrayed as beautiful. I wonder if in the western world most models were full figured and most men dissed skinny women to go to full figured women if I would be content with my size. But that’s another topic.

What I am trying to say is  that because big boobs are seen as the ideal. Women try to meet the standard. And as if that isn’t enough, some men are just breast men. Big boobs are just their thing. Women feel they need them to attract and keep their man. The way I see it. If you didn’t want me with my lil mosquitoes. When I have my big watermelons you don’t want the real me. Ladies for every breast man out there, there is a butt man (not homosexual)  or a hair man lol.

Honestly. I’m fed up with this dating world. Physical attraction is important but I think we have become too superficial. The focus is more on doing things to get laid or to have a good sexual relationship. Than doing things that will genuinely want to make to people spend the rest of their lives together. Or not even the rest of their lives but to have a good long term relationship. Sex is important but it’s not the only thing needed to make a relationship work.

Ladies! No matter how many books you read and advice you get about how to get a man and keep one.  No matter how many songs there are about “the good good” or “good ole” or tight p@ss% where the female artistes are bragging that’s what can keep their man. The truth is there is nothing you can do to a man that will make him stay and genuinely love you. Yes if you have a child for him. He might stay with you because of the children but is that the type of relationship you want.

I can’t really blame women for wanting bigger breasts. Because at the end of the day those women get more attention. I like male attention like the next girl. But I don’t enjoy men oogling after me for my physical appearance alone. But that’s all some women want.

The idea of writing about breast size. Came to me after reading an advice column in the Star where this teenager was asking Dear Pastor about her breasts growing so that she could impress and win back her boyfriend. Maybe I’m just made up of different stuff but it never occurred to me to add anything to my body or pray for something to grow to try to win over a man. After reading this I thought you don’t need big boobss to be a sex idol these days. Look at Iggy Azalea,all the has is a big butt and she rocks he lil tomatoes with pride! Lol. (I know I am something else)

I wrote this post to say this.  However cliché it is. Love yourself. God designed you the way you were meant to be. Just be the best and healthiest you possible. I won’t tell you not to do plastic surgery if you have the money. But these surgeries come with a lot of risks. The only plastic surgery I’m an advocate of is surgery for non-cosmetic reasons (or even tummy tucks).

Well fellow members of the small tits club are you happy with your bust size?

LOL it looks like the forces are working with my topics because…

soon after I wrote this post I found out that Iggy Azalea Got a boob job and permanently left the small tits club! I’m not gonna lie I’m disappointed I liked the fact that she didn’t but whatever works for you Iggy!


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