Do Adult Baby’s Have Rights?

Ok so my title is a bit of an oxymoron. Is there such a thing as an “adult baby”? Yes there is and let me explain. I consider myself to be an adult baby at this stage in my life. Because even though I am almost 25 I still live with my mother and she supports me financially. This is also the case for some of my other friends. So naturally there would be conflicts that arise where doing what one wants to is concerned.

So because my mother pays all my bills does it mean that If I want to go somewhere I should have to ask her? Does it mean that because I live in her house I’m not supposed to listen to the type of music I like. I don’ t think so. We are living in some dangerous times so I think that someone else should have an idea of where your going. But I don’t think I should have to ask my mother to go. I’m at the stage where I say I’m going so and so mommy. What I hate doing is asking for her to pay for my entertainment but I can’t do much better right now. That is where the conflict comes in because she is funding my entertainment she can tell me not to go.

An adult baby

An adult baby

My mother is not in agreement with the activities I think is fun. Because she is a Baptist  deacon. She thinks partying and raving is not an activity that God agrees with. A lot of Christians would agree. But  herlo, Jesus was at a party (ok maybe it was more of a wedding reception) when he turned water into wine. So technically Jesus partied.

This is something I have always wrestled with. Does partying and enjoying oneself to music with sexual undertones shame God. My honest answer would be yes. Because a lot of parties are like people are participating in one big orgy with clothes on (LOL especially during carnival season). But I love it partying relieves my stress. It fulfills all my needs of being touched safely without actually having sex with anyone because I’m single.

There are some that might say that their partying won’t influence them in anyway to do things they wouldn’t do. Can you honestly say that? When you’re high and drunk some people might do things they might regret.



But I’m just being honest I love partying! I love carnival! I’m not at the stage where I can leave these things behind. How is something that comes so naturally to me like moving my hips and waist to a song seen as so taboo. I think it has a lot to do with western perception. Winning is linked close to African type dancing and the boring white people did things like ball room dancing and that was seen as cultured entertainment.

Point is Jesus needs to give me a clear sign that he is fine with me enjoying myself and that won’t prevent me from entering his Kingdom because I haven’t murdered anyone. I’m not a thief. Ok I lie every now and again but who doesn’t? What I’m trying to say I believe i’m still a good person. So why do so many people have a problem with the way young people try to relieve stress with partying or sex. But that’s a whole other topic

Seriously though what rights do I have? Well as long as I live with my mother I’ll just have to abide by her rules. So all I have to do is continue to work to get out! So  I can be free. Not truly free because as long as you live in this world you would have to conform to certain things. But I long for the day when I can put my radio on Zip  (my fave station) loud and no one is pleading the blood of Jesus on me and telling those demons that are causing me to love this type of music to stop influence me (yes that is what I go through!)


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