Wild Women are Fun to date but Trust me nobody wants to marry them!

“Wild women are fun to date but trust me nobody wants to marry them.”

wild women

This quote was said by the character Marty in the now cancelled sitcom Eve. Eve is a famous black-american hip hop star and actress.

Watching this particular episode really made me ponder. Could all these men think that I would be the type of girl to go with this type of arrangement because they see me as a wild girl? Let me tell you a little more about myself. I’m the type of girl who likes to have a lot of fun when she goes partying and I don’t need an ounce of alcohol or weed to do so. But I can code switch and there are certain things I won’t do at parties. And I live by the Mantra work hard but play harder. The thing is I won’t play until I’ve completed the work. I see the as very disciplined. What I’m trying to say is I can code switch. I can be that demure lady who can go to an upscale event and know all the right forks to eat with for the different courses. But then I could go to corination market in downtown Kingston Jamaica and bargain with higgler. I think I’m pretty flexible. Instead of looking down on me as someone whose wild wouldn’t men appreciate that I’m down to earth?


Maybe I’m overthinking it. Maybe no matter the type of woman you are men test you to see what you will allow them to get away with. The last guy that came to me with the friends with benefits argument I told him I have a very low crap tolerance. Which is very true.

I’ve reached a stage in my life where I believe time is of the essence. I wasn’t one of the lucky girls that got a childhood sweetheart and then married them. I wasn’t lucky enough to meet my husband in college. Cause most of those guys just wanted to spread their wild oats and have fun. And as I told you I’m not attracted to the Bible thumping puritanical that will try to limit my freedom and get me to conform to the “Christian Lifestyle” of sacrifice. Maybe someday I will be but not right now. I know Christianity has been modernised somewhat. But as I said I’m not ready to delve in it whole heartedly maybe I’m just a coward.

But this just bring me back to the double standard that this world goes by. Men experience “Wild women” to have fun and let down their hair. Wild women are the side chicks. Many married men flock strip clubs and gogo clubs and masseus parlors to enjoy time with these wild women. But it’s the perceived “ladies” that they marry. I see perceived because the wives might be wild and they hide it from their husband.

All in all it isn’t fair. It’s not fair to judge and it isn’t fair to label but people do it anyway. My solution would be to see my wild side as my entertaining side. That is how I am when I perform. When I’m having fun. I’m a different person when it comes down to the nitty gritty. But I know what I’m saying still wont change people’s perceptions.

A famous painter who lives in my area said. He likes female artistes but he couldn’t see himself marrying one of them and I’m sure he’s not the only one with this view. But every hoe have them sitck of bush because last time I checked these female artistes arent lonely and destitute. They have had their serious relationships.

Ishawna was engaged to Foota  Hype. Spice is engaged to Mr. Nicholas Lall. Nicki Minaj is with Meek Mill (things might change by the time this is published).  Seeing this though makes me wonder if the women being entertainers who can sometimes be highly sexual be the reason why they arent married.

But then I look at couples that are married or got married Beenie Man got married to D’Angel. Mariah got married to Nick Cannon. Will Smith married Jada Pinkett. And my favourite couple in the whole wide world and If they break up I would think there is no hope for marriages and I’m sure I’m not the only female to think so. Beyoncé married Jay-Z. What’s similar between all of them is that they’re both entertainers. In my case though my first choice wouldn’t be to marry an entertainer because an entertainers’ first love is his/her work and everything else is second fiddle. I know this because I am one. So for me I would need someone that’s understanding. But it just might be that only someone who is like me would be able to understand that so I don’t know.

All I can do is continue to pray about it and hope that I’m not labelled as wild by my next suitor.

Just for kicks her is the feeling myself audio. I would have loved to play the video but Jay=z’s tidal has taken away my free viewing of some videos. Nicki Minaj  exclusively released the video on Tidal because she is part owner. Co owners include artistes like Usher Beyoncé daft punk Rihanna  and Alicia keys. So I feel a bit depressed because I’m not paying to watch music videos so there are a lot of music videos I wont be seeing in the future. I can always watched the leaked videos on YouTube until they take it down due to copyright infringement but that takes too much effort sigh.

Anyway. Enjoy the audio. Pretty on fleek! I love that new slang fleek!


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