Scammers are more creative and far too rampant


As far back as I remember from I had an email address I was approached by scammers. The first one were the typical phishing emails that claim you have a lost relative. The next were the lottery scams. Many of which were from Nigeria. I reported these emails but still get them. So I just ignore them.

I got a call saying I won a spot to be featured in an international magazine and I had to pay and give them my credit card… Hahhha to that one!
The next one was I was approached by a deaf lady on Facebook saying I won money. Then she contacted me by email.

And now in 2015 scamming is more creative. I’ve gotten watsapp messages saying I’ve won money. Saw this woman on Instagram who said she could give you 1000% return. Something known as money flipping. She deleted me cause I asked too many questions.
There are many of those online job video scams and apps. Too many to list.
Oh, how can I forget the mystery shopper scam where they were gonna pay me $1000 Us for 20 minutes of mystery shopping! These “jobs”.

Let’s not leave wonderful Jamaica out of this. I’ve been contacted by scammers here too. One said I won a Digicel Promotion. But it was from an 876 regular number and there was no promotion Ol Eeeediot!

What was the last straw and what prompted me to write this post was when someone contacted ne on LinkedIn which is a reputable job site and when I googled the company it was reputable. But the job was just too good to be true. All I had to pay for was the work permit!  Really bitches. What I noticed that most of these scammers don’t write proper English. Hint people if you are going to try to con someone at least write properly

Being this public makes me fully aware that not everyone who reads my work are honest people. I am sure these people have my contact details and share it. I joked with my friend that maybe there is a scammers network.

But the fact that these people do it means there are people that willingly send their hard earned or borrowed money to people they don’t know. Let’s face it they need money. So one gets false hope. What saved me Google and common sense. Before you gave away your money didn’t you Google it? I know these criminals use psychology. Some target lonely women. One woman who was scammed by a Jamaican lost her house and claimed she fell in love with him.
I put this out to cause awareness! Please don’t be victimized by these evil doers!


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