Top 25 Soca Songs of 2015

“Di whole a di country is calling me carnaval baby..because I was conceived in the month of Febuary!” I consider myself a carnival baby. Ok so maybe I literally am not one becuase I was conceived in January not Febuary but Carnival season starts around January in Jamaica (LOL). I’m sure I wasn’t conceived because of carnival though but that’s a whole other post. The fact of the matter is that I love and live for this time of year (carnival season in the Caribbean). I would love to go to the Mecca of Carnival (Trinidad and Tobago) some day and I hope I do.

Carnival 2015 Wide FC.1

I know I haven’t done a post with music for a while so here it is. My top 25 songs of 2015. These songs might not have been only for the 2015 soca season but they are some of my favourite songs and some songs for this soca season.

25. Destra Ooh La La Lay

24. Farmer Nappy My House

23. Kerwin Dubois and Ravi B Overdoing it

22. Patrice Roberts Push Up on it

21. Machel Montano Getting on Bad

20. Kes Fallin

19. Lyrikal Clould 9

18. Farmer Nappy featuring Alison Hinds  In Trouble

17. Kerwin Dubois D Influence

16. Ah Feeling by Lead Pipe and Saddis

15. Ricardo Drue Vagabond

14. Fada Fox Ducking


13. Machel Montano di Junction

12. Porgie & Murda Ben up

Ok so some of the next set of songs are from a big soca rhythm called the “Kan Kan’ rythym it was produced by Advokit productions. It has some well known Soca artistes as well as some not so well known ones.

11.Sekon Sta The Best

10. Ola Olatunji 

9. King Bubba Fm ft Lead Pipe Don’t Bother We 

8. Darnella Out On do Road 

7.Flipo Her Love

6. Faye Ann Lyons Raze 

5. Benjai Phenomenal

4. Machel Montano Like a Boss and Remedy

3.Kerwin Dubois No Aplogy

2. Angela Hunte and Machel Montano P arty Dun

1. Lucy by Destra


I love this song cause it reminds me so much of myself!


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