One Local and One International Musical Accomplishment in 2015

Ok so this is a good year for international and Caribbean music. Rihanna created music  history and Omi ended the Jamaican artistes drought with billboard.


Both artistes are from the Caribbean!  Omi made it to number 1 with the remix of cheerleader billboard top 100. The remix was done by Felix Jaehn. The remix started at number seven and steadily climbed up the charts. This song has big potential because it can be featured in movies and even video games.


Rihanna reached 100,000,000 singles sold. Get that that’s 100 million singles sold! In the age of the internet where people bootleg download music that’s excellent! Good job Omi and Rihanna.

omi and cheerleader

Check out the original Cheerleader video and the remix.

And just for kicks here is the BBHMM video. Warning it’s pretty graphic!


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