Two Uwi Students have been Killed in a car crash

Okay so I write this post in a very somber mode. Two University of the West Indies Students have been killed in a motor  in St. Ann Jamaica. Their names were Oshaine Reid and his girlfriend Shanice Simmons. The accident took place on the Draux Hall main road in St Ann last night. Police say Simmonds was driving a Suzuki Swift motorcar along the roadway when the vehicle collided with an oncoming Toyota Coaster bus. The police say they were arguing when the car spun out of control. The two two received injuries and were taken to the hospital where they died.


And that post was the news like story that is being portrayed by most media houses impersonal and to the point but as someone who went to school with both victims I think they deserve more than a few sentences in a blog post. I’m not even going to show you pictures of the accident because I am sure that those who knew Oshane and Shanice would like to remember them for who they were while alive and well.

Oshane was twenty four years old and was a graduate of Camperdown High and of Uwi where he studied Integrated Marketting and Communication. But while at UWI he used his time to be of great service to other students. He first served as the Public Relations Officer as a member of student goverment, then as Vice President of Student services. He was the assistant for events and sponsorship at the Mona Sports department.

His fellow students acknowledged that he had a promising future but I say he lived his purpose and fullfilled his promise. As a student leader Oshane always made time for his fellow students many Carimac students can attest that he always made himself available to be interviwed. The general student body will agree that if you were in need you could count on Oshane. Whether it was for sponsorship of an event or something more demanding as securing your Application for the needy students fund. He sowed seeds of faith with the little that he had he didn’t wait until he was big and established.His last profile picture on Facebook was of him and two children of whom he had given motivational talks.

One clear memory of him when I saw him at the Sports Department was he was so happy that he had found a charity to donate the proceedings of integration to. He happily smiled and said “partying with a cause”. He came up with the catch phrase “flourish” which many of his peers use and will use to keep his memory alive.  But let’s not forget Odane wasn’t the only one in the accident what about Shanice. Affectionately called Shan by her friends also believed in service she was the Admin Assistant for Rex Nettleford Hall from 2013 to 2014.


This was a twisted love story because Shanice and Oshane died a tragic death together in this accident. Maybe it’s a good thing because one lover doesn’t have to mourn the other. Condolences to your families but I hope that they can take confort in the fact that you’re resting together in paradise.



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