The Reason why me and most Jamaican men don’t get along

Let me give you a glimpse into my background. My mother is a single parent but she had her career. She is an economist so she sacrificed and gave me an above average up bringing. She paid for ny piano lessons. She paid for my Prep School. She paid for classes at Edna Manley and ballet classes. She also funded my trips around the world. I owe her a great deal for that. Because I was exposed to the best I expect the best.


Now how does this relate to Jamaican men?  Jamaican men either treat their significant other like a child or a mother. They believe you must submit to their authority and some even beat you like a child like their child. The ones that take you as their mother want you to wash cook and clean for them. Don’t get me wrong I am all for submitting to the authority of a good man and I would wash cook and clean for my spouse. But the difference I would do it because I chose to and not because I am ordered to do so.

Then there are those Jamaican men with the wife or the girlfriend they forgot to tell you about.

So let me tell you why me and most Jamaican mendon’t get along. I’m used to a certain lifestyle and they usually try to control me. So if I say I’m going to Miami tomorrow they would try to stop me and they aren’t funding the trip.

In Jamaica there is a wifey and matey culture. Men have mistresses but women are supposed to be faithful.


What annoys me is that the men have a nerve to get up set when you confront them about their partner that’s not you.

I am well aware that men general can fit this description. But I believe the Jamaican man is a rare breed. They find ways of being disgusting to a woman on a new level.




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