The Current State of the Music Industry


Kim Nain

Let me give ya’ll a synopsis of current hits in Jamaica,  Shampoo,  Yeng Yeng,  Kulu kulu,  You wah breadfruit,  Tom Cruise indicator and site and wine. What do these songs have in common?  Simplicity to a beat.

Let’s look at International hits Work work work,  look at my dab,  whip and nae nae

If you want to know a potential hit look how children react to the song sometimes simplicity is key. But my issue is that the music industry the Jamaican music industry in particular has taken it too far. Disc jocks stick to playing the same songs over and over and any new artistes they play they benefit from. Meaning they are signed to their record label.

Passed Tok member Flex said it’s unfair that Kartel is in prison and still making hits while if other artistes in Jamaica and the rest of the world were in jail you wouldn’t hear a peep from them. People are so blindly loyal to Kartel that they’re criticizing Flex. Like how dare he even think of dissing the self proclaimed “World Boss” when Flex clearly stated he likes Kartel’s music. But it doesn’t change the fact that Kartel is in jail for murder. I like some of Kartels songs as much as the next girl but I have to agree.

My issue is with the quality of the songs that bombard the air waves . This “artiste”  named Savage has this song called Clean Skin which promotes bleaching and that song gets airplay. My point is if the song is not extremely slack or stupid it won’t be a hit in Jamaica and the only way most women get airplay is by getting naked or promoting being a matey or do something with wining.



People with absolutely no idea what a base or treble clef  pay for someone to build a rhythm or they take a song off the internet and they call themselves producer.

The Jamaican music scene doesn’t nurture new talent. You have to gain success overseas, in particular America for them to pay you mind. Unlike Jamaica the American music industry has order and it’s harder for someone without a big management team and money being pumped into their career to make it. So basically I’m saying if your a new artiste anyweh you tun maka jook yuh.

I sent out a press release describing my aim to launch my music career and I only got two replies. And that’s good, at least two people replied to me. Most new artistes don’t have access to my contacts. Luckily I equipped myself. I’m a trained dancer, a trained journalist and video editor and I studied artiste management. So I know what I’m doing. Also, because I’m Jamaican people already put me in the dancehall or reggae category. Don’t get me wrong I acknowledge my roots and I love that music but my music caters to the soul you’ll never hear me singing about Kulu kulu.

I really don’t get it. A gem like Alaine who has the voice of an angel and produces her own songs is huge on the continent of Africa but she hardly gets airplay in Jamaica instead the female songs that dominate mostly talk about tiefing ppl man, wining or wifey or matey business. I’m not saying those songs don’t have their place but I’m tired of hearing the same content on a different beat. Jamaica has so many young female artistes with international appeal. Kim Nain has vocals similar to Ariana grande. Ck has pop appeal and there is so much more new talent that should be getting support. But they aren’t getting airplay and they aren’t making money so they get frustrated and give up or try the overseas market.

Alaine                                                                    Janelle Nelson

The hard fact is that someone who did plastic surgery on their breasts and ass and doesn’t have a lick of talent will reach further in the Jamaican and international music scene than someone who sings like a siren.

I wrote all of this knowing nothing is going to change. What I can do is support my fellow new artistes.

Here is a Ck song

Here is a Kim Nain song

Please djs and media houses give more good new talent a chance.


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