My experience for restaraunt week 2016


Me and Felicia at JoJo’s Jerk


Me waiting on the food

It is now restaurant week in Jamaica. This is the brainchild of the Gleaner company. This is where restaurants offer specific meals depending on their category. The category I dined in was Nyam and scram at Jo Jo’s jerk pit. Hearing the name alone made me excited I pictured this rustic vybe.

When my friend Felicia and I arrived at the restaurant we were shocked. It seemed as if the restaurant is located on an old construction site. There was old metal present everywhere. We asked a gentleman to point us to Jojos’ they showed us where to go.

When we arrived around the back there were flies everywhere. I asked Felicia to pick our seats. Within five minutes our waitress was there and she was very polite she gave us our menus. I told her I already wanted and ordered the Jerk pork poutine. Felicia still hadn’t made up her mind. She told Felicia the different types of poutine available. The waitress mentioned ham and pineapple so I changed my order. She also asked if we would like something to drink. She suggested natural juice. I enquired about the price she said $250. I ordered a melon and lime drink and Felicia did the same. The waitress then asked if we would like some water or the juice before the meal. Both Felicia and I took the option of the water.

Felicia and I reminisced about our time at UWI while we waited for our food and the waitress provided the wifi password. The food came fifteen minutes later and it was cold. Felicia and I were so disappointed. We also wondered if it was really that small juice that was for 250. We had no choice so we ate our meals. After I was finished I needed to use the restroom. When I went to the bathroom I was appalled. The bathroom could be compared to a public restroom in downtown Jamaica. I also found it interesting that the restroom was right in front of the kitchen.

When I came back the waitress had not given us the bill. So Felicia gave me her contribution and I took $2500 to the cashier. To my surprise we were billed $218 for gratuity. Gratuity is a tip. From my experience the customer is supposed to have the option if giving the tip. The waitress said this was compulsory.  If this was a service charge I wouldn’t have any problem. But how could you have a charge and not make the customer aware. This could cause embarrassment to the person paying for the meal.

Luckily I saw Jo jo close to the cashier. I told her I was a very disgruntled customer and that the food was cold. She asked if the service was good. I said yes but the food was cold. I also mentioned about the surprise charge of gratuity. She said that was on the menu. I explained that wasn’t good enough. I went to pay for the meal and the waitress removed the gratuity charge after Jo jo spoke to her. I returned to our table. I asked Felicia if she would come back to that restaurant. She said no. I felt the same way. We left soon after. While walking to half way tree Felicia said she just ate and felt hungry!  I explained that I felt the same way. I suggested she buy a patty (lol).

So, my experience at Jo jo’s jerk pit for restaraunt week wasn’t good at all and I wouldn’t recommend the restaurant. You would be better off buying from the regular jerk chicken man. The food will taste just as good or even better and the food will cost much less. This experience gets a two out of five rating and that’s being generous. We literally wanted to nyam and scram.

Check out the video below


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