Dancehall Songs with Silly Sounding Dance Names



As I stated in  a previous article the unsaid rule in dancehall is the sillier the song the better it will be. Here are some examples of songs with Silly sounding dance names.

Chi Ching Ching is famous for doing these songs he di Watch di Wire in 2015

The next song which was a big hit in 2016 and still is  is believe it or not is Roast or Fry aka  Breadfruit. For those not familiar with the food breadfruit is a Jamaican staple that grows on trees that we eat in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

He also has another song called “Way up Stay up”

QQ in the early 2000s released a song called stookie and it was a huge hit everyone in Jamaica was dancing. But QQ what in the world is  a “stookie”

When I heard this song I said these people must be crazy . Believe it or not there is a  dance called … Hot Rice.. this is going too far I believe

RDX has a song called LOL which has a corresponding dance.

Don Andre became the new kid on the block with the song called Tom Cruise yes he litterally says he thinks he’s Tom Cruise and the song became a hit.

This list wouldn’t be complete without you guessed it Ding Dong

He has a hit song called Shampoo

Syvah (He explains how he came up with the name in a previous post)

And this one completely puzzles me … YENG YENG . Ding dong what H E double hockey sticks is a Yeng?

Now these dances that I’m about to names aern’t so silly you don’t need to think too hard to see the reasoning behind the name.
This one takes us way back with Dip  again

Elephant man was known as the “dancing God” and had the dance Pon the River


Willie Bounce Elephant man

Now the dance that makes the last list is applicable to life Mr Vegas’s “tek weh yuhself. “When yuh see wicked people tek weh yuh self. “When yuh see Nasty people tek weh yuhself”

Can you think of more? Have fun doing so.


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