How I came about liking Dancehall Music


Me and my friends   when we interviewed Zj Chrome

Despite the fact that Dancehall music takes a prominet spot on this blog it might surprise you that I did’t listen to dancehall music while growing up. I was classically trained. I did the Royal School of Music exams with the aid of my piano teacher from Prep school. . This continued through high school were I would listen to Handel and Beethooven cassettes. My peers thought I was weird. I’m glad I took this approach because classical music is the base for pop music. I find many songs to show you this as an example. One is Naz “I know I can” he sampled a popular classical song called Fur Ellise whi ch I learned to play by watching the keys on my keyboard. So I can read sheet music and I can play by ear not many pianists can do both.


ME producing my fried Candi

Dancehall was a novelty to me. It wasn’t until I was required to dance to it in workshop class at  that the beat got to me. I remember it clearly we had a new choreographer by the name of Kelly from Tivoli and we wer e practising for our performance in Holland and she made us dance to Beenie Man’s dem get heart attack. I was hooked. you know me once I get into something I go all out. I began to listen to the radio (there was no internet yet) and instead of listen to rock music which I usually do I began to listen to Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. I would tape waht was playing on the radio and play it back to myself when my parents weren’t around. Some how I knew that my mother wouldn’t be too happy with me listening to this music.

So the whole point of this article is not just to talk about myself. I want to send a message to young people young women in particluar. It’s okay to be different. People who are different are usually the trail blazers but people dont usually appraciate them until they are dead. So don’t listen to people do what you know in your heart is right and sitck to it. Set your goals and set out to accomplish them nothing is impossible.




I didn’t get scholarships because I was not connected. The principal literraly called her niece over the intercome and gave her a scholarship to a world college that I applied for. I wasnt a cool kid. The brown girls made fun of me. I wasnt a ghetto kid either they laughed at me because i didnt speak patois and didnt understand terms like backaz. My friend and companion was my music. I joined the school glee club and Orchestra and formed a bond with my bandmates we went on tour toghether and were like a family. These young women were nerds like me. people thought they were weird because the read Japanese Manga listened and listened to rock music. To me that Manga scene wasn’t my thing so I didn’t fit into them either but I got along with them better than my other peers.





ME dancing for Camille Davis


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