Popular Songs that Inspire


India Irie

No one loves a good booty shaking jam as much as me but what about songs with catch yet serious messages. Those songs that connect with your soul. Here are some songs that I think have accomplished just that.

Let’s go back to 2008 and the underdog an unknown at the time Barack Hussein Obama announced that he would be contesting Hilary Clinton for the leadership of the Democratic party and possibly run for the President of the United States. The media went into a frenzy they dug into his background. Donald Trump asked to see his birth certificate. Conspiracy theories emerged that he was a muslim. Media houses like CNN had obviously bias coverage and would publish a lot of negative articles. But this is one time where the black race fought back. Celebrities of all shades came together and rallied behind Barack Obama one such example is the song entitled Yes We can by Will I am. He took the title from Obama’s speech which was the tag line for his race to the White House Yes We can!

There is a reason why Michael Jackson is the King of Pop he not only danced into women’s hearts but he also produced touching soul searching songs. In this day of Climate Change this song is even more relevant  the earth song touched my heart and I was just a child. They don’t really care about us was a challenge against the political system  We are the World  spread the message that we are all in this thing called life together no matter which race or country we come from. There was a remix done of We are the world for Haiti relief. hear the world gave me goose bumps just listening to it

Naz needs to be given more credit. He is a very conscious artiste he had the talk with his listeners that parents were supposed to have with their children. I know his music personally inspired me. In a previous post you saw the song I know I can her is a song where he speaks specifically to daughters.

India Irie was bold to enough to present herself natural hair and all. During that time only very few black women would dare to show their natural hair.

I am a Queen aka Video made me embrace my royalty. That I come from a long line of black Kings and Queens. I am Queen Leo hear me roar!

Brown skin made me cherish the melanin in my black brothers and I hoped that one day I will meet someone who didn’t pass me over for a browning.


Lauryn Hill warned young girls that some guys are only about sex and warned young men that some women are only about sex. It preached to me for sure


Lauryn Hill

Queen Bey is not just about glitz and glam there is a movement called #Blacklives matter it was formed when I want ma George Zimmerman shot Trevon Martin who was racially profiled because he was black and wearing a hoodie. Then a series of incidents occured. Police men targeted young black people videos surfaced everywhere of black pwoplwe in particular being killed. So people Formation is not just a catchy song it was made to remind us that we matter and that we should come together as a race.


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