Girl Power 2016


Zj Sparks of Zip Fm



Hey there Royal’s What’s poppin?
What better way to spend the last day of November than to hear a mixtape from your girl. But before I show you the video I would like to big up Dj Kurt Riley for taking on my challenge and interviewing Kim Nain. I knew it would be a strong chocolate Leo Man that took on the challenge. By the way we are both born on July 28. Leo’s Rule. Don’t think that because Chrome is my friend and I big up Liquid that I’m biased to zip. I rep every media house in Ja cause we are all in this together we all have one aim to bring Jamaican music to the flipping world!



Dj Kurt Riley of Fame FM

For those of you that know me you might be surprised that I also dj. You’ve never seen this side of me. Most of my peers know me as quiet that I can’t mash ants or some say I’m anticosial. Ya’ll are correct but trust me if you heard my thoughts youd probably shoot me. ehhhhemmmm anyway here is the mixtape Girl Power 2016!
Big up all my female Disc jocks Zj Sparks, Zj Elektra, Zj Venus and the Diva Nikki Z. Also big up my girl Candi of Zip because you have been doing this entertainment reporting thing way before it was popular just like me.
Let me introduce you to another one of my personalities (yes another one). Drum Roll here is DJ Nellz!
PS this is an adult mixtape not for anyone under the age of 18

Please check out the video!


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