Yvette Noel Schure the Caribbean’s untold Success Story


Yvette Noel Schure was born in the Spice Isle of Grenada she migrated to America. She grew up with her grandparents who were strict Christians. She was taught the value of hard work then migrated to Ameirca.

She did her internship at  the Gannett Westchester Newspapers. Then it was her job at Black Beat magazine that allowed her to interview the entertainment industry’s movers and shakers Later she worked at the Sony music group where she met Destiny’s Child

Schure says in an interview with out magazine”Later, I got offered to go to Sony as a very wet-behind-the-ears publicist, and that’s where I met Destiny’s Child. And I saw a very meticulous 14-year-old girl. To be so in-the-know at that age—I remember coming back to Sony and saying, ‘This is my project. I’m gonna have the time of my life with these girls.’

“This is what I’m always gonna remember about Beyoncé: She takes you in. She looks you straight in your eyes when she’s talking to you. I said [to myself], That is the trait of an honest person—if you can look someone in the eye, a total stranger. In those days she was, ‘Yes, ma’am, yes, ma’am,’ to me, but she looked me right straight in the eye, does not blink, it seems. She really takes you in. And it takes another honest person to not flinch when someone’s looking your straight in the eye, because that person is reading you, but also revealing to you that, “I’m gonna be straight-up with you, whether you like it or not.” I saw the boldness of her. To this day, when you talk to her, it’s the same thing. And I always say, “Wow you still do that.”

Many people know about Queen B but not many know about the woman that helped to build her brand and spent endless hours fighting for her client’s success. Many just see the Queen B. But not many know that it is the child of immigrants that was the brainchild behind the business aspect of Beyonce. She left Beyonce to do her artistic work and she  took on the head hunchos. Beyonce was just a teenager so she took care of her. I am sure she would have to also be like a parent to Beyonce because like any other young woman Beyonce went through puberty. But it was ten times worst she grew up in the spotlight. So I am sure Schure had to fill in for her parents when her mother and father weren’t available.

After working at Sony  Schure started her own media group with her husband David. Schure still works with Sony and is currently managing Beyonce’s two young protoje’s.

This is is lady that communicated my story to Queen B. I found out who Beyonce’s publicsit was and asked her to show Queen B my story. She is a big executive and didn’t have to do this and she did just that, she showed Queen B my story and then Beyonce emailed me. I did not find this out until four years later. Nothing happens before it’s time!

I would like to thank Mrs Noel Schure and I Hoe to meet you because you are just as great to me as Queen B. well  done daughter  of the Caribbean. !!! Nuff love big up!.


I am not taking away the glory from Beyonce’s father! HE quit his job to manage the group full time. But Mrs . Noel Schure took it to the next level.

Or it doesn’t have Mrs. Schure

It could have been barack obama’s team that communicated it to Beyonce.  Either way I would like to thank whoever did this.


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