My Favourite Latoya Forever Moments



Latoya forever has announced that she will stop vlogging. If you don’t know who she is. She is a black Canadian vlogger with Trinidadian roots. I was introduced to her by my friend Candi and after that I was hooked. Watching her videos chaired me up whenever I was feeling depressed. Even though I haven’t met her she is like a friend to me. Yes we know now that she has lossed frienships which is natural but she help “buss” her friends basically. She encouraged them to vlog so that they can make their own money. Most people wouldn’t do that. I can relate Latoya we both have been used countless times. But girl God naah sleep

Here are my favourite Latoya Forever momentnts

She initially started out with a youtube channel by the name of Latoya’s Life

Where she did mini skits and whatever the hell she feels like


But I first noticed her from the hold yuh parody that she did with her African friend.

One video to note is the Latoya draw my life . Where we got to see some of what she went through. The part that touched me the most was when she said she was homeless.

Another one of note is black girl problems! We can Totally relate. Can’t we fellow black ladies?


My absolute fave is hatlem hood shake.


Then  we met the gorgeous Adam aka Rayshawn!

I would say they are the Beyonce and Jay-Z of Youtube. When they hurt we hurt and when he proposed all of us said awwwww!

Then Latoya got pregnant and said that if she got a certain number of subscribers. She would vlog her pragnancy! this was the best thing she ever did. We got to see her friends like Rochelle and Ayana and ron. We saw when she fell out with Ron. We still don’t know why. And we saw when she fell out with good gyal Rochelle.





My favourite episode was when Adam threw OJ at Latoya because she was upset about his two phones or was it his little black book?

And then the adorable Samia was born and we fell in love with her. She is so beautiful and smart!

Then zayn was born and we fell inlove with him too!




Then she announced that she will stop vlogging! in a livestream. On to bigger and better  things! Thank you Latoya! It’s hard to vlog and get videos edited everyday or everyother day. To bear your real life to the world takes guts! Thank you for sharing! Nuff love from one caribbean crazy gyal to another. Keep up the good work and I wish you the best in whatever you pursue.

latoya and adam.jpg




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