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Dear Royals I know I  promised no serious issues but look here

Defend Obamacare – sign the petition


Jack Shapiro,
to me
8 minutes ago



Organizing for Action
Friend —

Well — it’s here.

The new Congress held session for the first time today, and its leaders have pledged that their first priority is going to be repealing Obamacare. The press is reporting that they are going to start as early as this week.

We are not going to let that happen without a fight.

If they are successful, nearly 30 million people could lose their insurance, and rates would increase for millions more. That’s not progress. That’s not O.K. This law is too important to too many people — we can’t let it be taken away.

We’re collecting signatures of people who are willing to do what it takes to stop Congress from repealing Obamacare.

Defend Obamacare right now. Sign the petition and we’ll be in touch about what comes next.

The Affordable Care Act is the result of a hundred years of struggle to ensure that everyone in America has access to quality, affordable health care, and we will not let it go lying down.

President Obama signed health care reform into law for a good reason: Too many of our neighbors, friends, and family members were going without health insurance — rolling the dice that they’d stay healthy — just because they couldn’t afford it, or because insurance companies were denying them coverage based on some pretext or pre-existing condition. We cannot go back to those times.

Millions of people like you have been a part of this fight — and we need you again. Don’t stay on the sidelines for this.




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