Violence Against Little Girls



Now there was public outcry against Ishawna’s version of “Equal Rights”. But where is the public outcry against violence against women and children in particular a recent case that brought tears to my eyes was a Sunday Gleaner article about the death of two little girls. Not only were the girls killed. They were allegedly killed by their fifteen year old brother. According to the article the little girls mother left them in the care of their fifteen year old brother. He then called his mother and said his baby sisters were motionless and bleeding from their mouths and nostrils, according to the police the palms of their hands their feet were blue and urine was on their clothing.
this implies that he raped them. Children are a blessing that we often take for granted. But when they are not with us we feel the pain. Should a fifteen year old be left alone at home to take care of two little girls? In Jamaica the culture is that because parents are trying to earn money the older siblings often act as second hand parents. Some children become resentful and feel like they are not getting to live their chilhood. Was that why he allegedly murdered his siblings?

How the mother must feel so guilty… When a stranger harms your children and you want retribution you feel entitled. But in the case where the suspected murderer is your own offspring one cannot be happy. Because your child will end up in state care because he is fifteen then jail at the age of eighteen. And even if nothing is done to him nothing changes that two girls that sprung from your womb are dead and were killed and maybe raped and peed on? How cruel. did he see his sisters as sexual beings? But rape is not about sex its about power. Why did this little boy do this? I would like to know what was going through his mind?

Here is the link to the article


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