Why are relationships Mostly the Woman’ s responsibility?


A Japanese Princess has decided to marry a commoner a lawyer. Correction I found out he’s a legal assistant. Personally I think that’s an oximoron because what exactly is common about a lawyer? But that’s the term my source used so I do the same. Is it just me but when you hear “commoner” one thinks poverty.  According to Japan’s rules she has to give up her royalty status and become a ” commoner”.

When a relationship fails especially a marriage the man becomes an “eligible” bachelor but the woman an “old maid” or “spinster” and people might not say it in front of her but they think something is wrong with her! Nicki Minaj stated in an Ellen Degenerous interview that she is celibate now. Most people will think she is lying. How can someone that’s a sex symbol abstain? The other’s will think it’s a publicity stunt. Also that supm is wrong with her. Heck I get that shit when I abstain! Also,I’m not married now  and all well most of my acquaintances are and my mother gives me the side eye every time she looks at me. All her friends are boasting about their daughters’ nuptials and well she  has nothing to say in that department. She even said to me not to expect or fight for the “best” just take someone and settle down! I can’t believe this is the woman that used to say to me everyday. Only the best is good enough. My rhetoric to her was if marriage was so good why do 80% end in divorce and the other 10% in annulment eheeem .

I write all this to say. Why is it usually the woman’s responsibility to carry a relationship. There are countless songs on how to keep a man. Countless books, countless magazines. As women we are trained how to behave like a lady inorder to catch a good man! How many magazines are there for men to do the same. Male magazines are either about being gay or they have pictures of gorgeous women aka porn in print.

When a man cheats the woman must be too nagging or get too fat. Or something else.

The blame is never on the man

Men who don’t even deserve to be in a relationship with a zebra much less a woman look for the best woman! But are they an asset to that woman?

And it will never end. Well royals. The saying goes it’s better to have loved than not to have loved at all. I say bull crap!!!

I’ve loved enough!

If it’s my duty to stay single till I die. I will. I have no problem with having one night stands here and there.

Cause you know your girl is human.

And this is a message to the Japanese Princess.

Yo Prini poo you are used to being royalty. You are only 25 do you really want to give up everything to  marry a man!

After men are so ungreatful. You will live in a one bedroom apartment (which you have already bought) and you had to learn how to drive!

What does he give up?

What if your marriage ends up in a divorce?

What if he dies? God forbid.

Can you go back to being royalty?

I know it looks romantic now the princess gives up her throne for love. You want to experience what it is like to be normal. You don’t have to abdicate your thrown to do that!

My advice would only be to go through with the marriage if you are absolutely sure it’s true love!

That’s the only thing worth risking everything for.

If not take time to get to know each other more.

I know in the Japanese culture 25 is late for a woman especially a Princess to get married. But do this for you. Get to know each other some more.

Imagine me I’m close to 30 in Jcan culture that’s ancient. It’s so bad my colleagues tagged me in the image I chose to put with this article. They think my standards are too high! It’s not I just have a low crap tolerance as I stated many times before. Well prinny poo at least you have a “good man” ahora. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be  willing  to give up your royalty status. That’s my two cents

Your girl Dqueenleo signing out



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