This is for the good men!



I know that the majority of men are crap and the ones that start out good morph into assholes and those assholes have no problem finding newer younger prettier women when they move on from you.

But my theory is most if not all men start out good but then they meet a “guh to hell” woman who breaks their heart and they turn into every good woman’s nightmare.

I know men act tough mainly because they think they are suppose to. Think about it the men that give the most bun. When they get bun they hurt the most. They are usually the ones that kill their partner then themselves.
But this post is for a dying breed, the gentlemen.

A hashtag #Ihatemen started in South Africa because of the violence that has been happening towards women there. I have no problem with the fact that they want to bring awareness, especially as someone who has experienced violence first hand. But my opinion is it should be #IhateBADmen. It’s time someone brings awareness for the good men, the gentlemen.

Men are under so much pressure by society that some feel obsolete. The more women become Independent the more they feel threatened.

An independent woman’ s first choice would not be to have someone who earns less than her. She will want someone who earns the same or more. Is that realistic?

Honest jobs are hard to come by and the ones that make the big bucks are even harder. So a man with the best of intentions becomes a drug dealer or pimp to earn money. Because his baby mama or all five of em have needs and nags him.
Then there is the independent woman who goes in a relationship where she is the bread winner. She is use to bossing people around that she also bosses the man around. The man usually doesn’t stand up for himself because he knows she is the one that is saving him from becoming a beggar on the street. Most men in that situation leave when they can’t take anymore. She forgets that she still needs to let him be the “man” in the relationship.
And for those men that are “good men” they are taken for granted.
Their wives don’t value them. The world is harsh on them and when they go home where it’s supposed to be their haven all they get is argument.

Yes ladies we are human. But we forget what we went through before we found our husbands. When we prayed for a suitable match. When the relationship was fresh. The lingerie we would wear and the positions we would try. But…

we get comfortable. It’s natural men get comfortable too. And when life happens you have to think about bills and children.

We don’t have “time” . But I’m saying make time!!! Dodge the sweats and the night cream mask and make time for your Good man!!! Notice I said good man!!!!

The hobos and scabbies don’t deserve to be in your life much less effort. Society targets men especially blackmen. Look, most of our brothas are literally in jail or on their way there.
And the ones that aren’t are being targeted by other women who are desperate and willing to share him. Also let’s not forget the ones on the downlow. The ones that prefer another penis up their woohoo.
So home girl if you defide the odds and have a good one. For God’s sake appreciate him. Have a date night. Make time for him. Cook his favourite meal. Say nice things to him. Role play. Make an effort to compliment him. Nag less be genuine.
I’m sure the men agree with me.
So good men. Here’s to you cheers!
And I hope that I will get one of you cause y’all know my position based on my last post.
It’s your girl Dqueenleo signing out



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