How Forward is Too Forward????

woman propose


I’m a modern and open minded young woman but I’m still old fashioned and conservative in some ways. I believe your approach to a relationship varies based on what you want. For example if you want a one night stand your approach would be different if you seek to be in a long term relationship. But human beings are very funny and someone can follow all the “rules” and still not get the desired result and someone can just go with the flow and then turn out to be engaged.


Now I say this because I honestly want to know how men feel if a woman is the one to ask you for your number would you be turned on or would you be concerned. Are you the one that wants to do the “chasing”. Is she seen as sleezy and cheap and you wonder if something is wrong with her? Or a you flattered that you won’t have to go through the rejection stage. Now I believe in the old fashioned way but if I like someone and I have a hint that he likes me I will ask for a number getting a number doesn’t translate to marriage but for some reason when a woman approaches a man for his number he immediately gets the wrong impression and it’s like he pictures her as Bridezilla and his  “future” with her flashes before his eyes and he starts to choke becuase his tonsils start to close up. Take a chill pill booba it’s just a number. But honestly I would like the man to show interest. Usually if I approach a guy first I am not interested in a long term relationship. I take full repsonsibilty. If I do the inviting I will pay for my  half  on a date and I communicate that. Some might argue that since i invited I should pay all. If the man did the inviting he would pay for both of us.

If I want a long term relationship with a man. I expect him to indicate his interest. Becasue at the end of the day if the relationship goes wrong he will say “a you look me” suh yuh tek what yuh get. And if you were the one that tried to pursue them you feel responsible for when they mess up even though when the man does the pursuing bad things happen but in those situations you have the excuse that at least you didn’t go looking for trouble it came to you.

One thing I would never do is propose to a man! There is this thing  that says a woman is allowed to propose in a leap year. I will give an ultimatum but I wont propose. Women have successfully taken over everything that use to be left up to men. I think the men still need to do these little things in order to …. WELL…. FEEL… LIKE …  LIKE… MEN.

So men be honest don’t you look at a girl different that chases you? Do you rather when she plays hard to get ? How do you measure a onenight stand versus a realtionship?




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