Bruno What You Done Do Now?????

Bruno Mars


We all know that Bruno Mars is in his own league. He caters to the ladies. His musical personality is that of a gentleman one can only hope that that is how he is in real life.

He gave us timeless anthems like “Just the way you are” and  I thought that he only raised the bar but he created a new level. But this new song “Versache on the Floor” is banging I don’t even know what this level is on.


You see this is why they say it’s not what you say it’s how you say it. He isn’t saying different from what men want. All men want sex from their partner eventually. In Dancehall they say “cum ya gyal skin out yuh hmmm hmmm”. In Hip Hop they say the raw f word lots of times. But Bruno says it so nice that you instantly wanna drop ya panties!


What did you cause Bruno. You are going to be responsible for a lot of babies being born and the funny thing is it might be for men that these women wouldnt give a second chance normally. But when this song plays and you’re alone with a man. You might not be thinking at all muchless thinking reasonably.

Men please don’t play thins song around me. Don’t abuse the power of this song! LOL


Here is the song and here is Bruno’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards.




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