Ever Wonder What You’re Saved As?

Booty Call.jpg


I was talking to one of my close friends and I said to her … Do you ever wonder what guys you are interested in save your number as in their phone. I said this becuase just in case you people haven’t firgured out before I’m one in a million. I honestly don’t think God is going to make anyone similar to me probably within the next 1000 or 3000 years.

Because I think that would be too much to handle LOL! But seriously I also asked this because I know I can be very satirical in my phone names. There was this guy I wasn’t really interested in but he bought me food when I wanted so I saved him as

Drummm roll…

freefood lol.

In all fairness to me . He asked me if we could be friends and I say sure. I asked him if he would buy me free food. He said he would give me anything my heart desires. So I took him up on his offer.

What you save someone as in your phone says a lot about your feelings towards a person. So I wonder which guy I’m seriously interested in has me saved as “Icequeen” or Booty Call or Boo or Wifey or ho#1 .LOL don’t get any ideas people!

But seriously is it something we usually think about. We aern’t able to know what we are saved as because when we call usually aern’t close to the person. Usually we see what we are saved as by accident. Like when we cant find our phone and we ring our own number.

But I guarantee that what someone save you as in their phone can make our break your relationship if you find out.  We all  know the trick that ladies have been  pulling since cellphones were invented to save the bunner man as Lisa and guys do it to save your side chick as “Momma” or “Aunty” So guys this is a headsup if you have your significant other saved as something they wouldn’t agreee with for a peaceful life change it quickly! There are already enough things that can break a relationship.