spiceI swear I wasn’t going to promote anymore dancehall music becuase honestly I can’t listen to a dancehall segment on the radio without turning it off. But there is always a beacon of light in the darkness. Ya’ll know I love Spice. Guuuuuuuuurl showed why she is “Queen of Stage” She was sexy but not pornlike. She appealled to the audience. She brought up a Japanese guy and boy did he entertain the crowd. She also spoke out against rapers and childmolesters. Spice repped the ladies because I also watched other female performers and you can see that they tried to copy what Spice did to the tee. But sorry ya’ll their dancers made no impact …

Eheemm Speaking of impact Congrats to the Worl Boss on another Billboard hit. Some artistes deh a road and still no reach Billboard status.

Spice also dedicated a segment to the World Boss


I’m not the only one that thought Spice’s performance was great . I read an article that Hon. Edmund Bartlett loved her performance and other media houses wrote good reviews. Spice was greatful and acknowledged it in an instagram post.


She also said that she will charge more money next year.

I agree my girl know your worth.


Speaking of Reggae Sumfest I heard that a part from Spice’s performance  the media fraternity weren’t too happy with the rest of performances. I hate to say I told you so . They weren’t happy with the organization of the event also.




better luck next time Joe!

Anyways here is the performance

Oh and by the way Miss Kitty flopped the indicator dance LMAO.

I read some comments on her attempt and all I have to say is Jcans unnuhh too wicked. Leff mi fren alone.




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