Two Queens Reunite for a good Cause

Currently I do not charge to promote anyone that I have featured on my blog. Some artistes literally make millions of US dollars per minute and they benefit immensely from my free PR. But I purposely do that to show that my opinion cannot be bought. When I say something I genuinely feel that way about whatever it is I have highlighted.

But promotions like the one I am about to highlight are not suppose to be done because of money.
Riri hosted her annual Diamond Ball. And guess who was their to support her efforts. The Carters Here are the pics to prove it.

I find that stories like this aernt as publicised as when JayZ admitted he cheated on his wife. So I made it my duty to do so.
Bey also used her celeb power to get necessary items to Hurricane victims in her hometown of Texas. Her mom and Blu Ivy along with Bey interacted personally with victims.
I was so impressed. Bey didn’t act like a celeb with ulterior motives. She was just a human being helping her fellow Texans.

Good job all a y’all.

Keep up the good work!!


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