Oohooh Mi Belly!



Di peenie Wally dem (fireflies) in my brain just asked me why the dancehall compartment is hosting so many cobwebs. I explained to them it’s because the music has gone up Shit’s Creek. It’s no secret that the entertainment industry is run by men so they set the agenda. So when I turn on the radio my ears are assaulted with different versions of the same song. Also their are many songs that deserve to get airplay that will never get the chance because the artiste isn’t connected. Also if the artiste is a woman she worst won’t get airplay unless she sleeps with from the producer to the disc jock.

But my reasoning is if I sleep with men to get airplay the least I will settle for is a Grammy. There are so many women that have done that and still don’t buss big. So I rather blog for the rest of my life than compromise my morals just to get airplay.

Soooooooooooo thennnnnnnn…

I went unto Good gyal Ishawna’s Fb page and low and behold there was a new song entitled “Mi Belly”. The producer of the song is Tj of Tj records who also produced the billboard track Fever.

I lurve it!!

Ishawna nufff Dj a freeze yuh out and naah play yuh song dem. But girl as long as I am here if I like it I will promote it. Keep ignoring the haters

Check it out below.


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