If you have read my bio you will see that I am both artistic and have been in traditional media. While I was a teen writer I decided to focus on entertainment journalism. While there I realized that most writers that critique entertainment had no clue what they were talking about. I am a trained musician and dancer so I think I am more able to relate to the artistic process.

Also, I think there is a lack of proper interpretation and representation of black people and Jamaicans in mainstream media. In fact it is safe to say that about all minorities. I was also tired of the  fake news. When people see something in writing they tend to believe it.

Hence there are certain things I do not cover on my site. I leave that to sites like TMZ ( no shade TMZ has it’s place).  Or those dancehall trashy gossip sites . I also noticed that  Jamaican artistes are not the ones who control how there content is distributed, Therefore it’s the publishing company  who makes most of the money off the artistes work,


I am a Jamaican woman. As such my views are that of an authentic Jamaican with diverse music tastes I love reggaeton, french love songs as well as Soca and Beethoven. SO safe to say that  my taste in music is diverse and a lot of other people will like at least one of my choices .

My aim is to have an authentic representation of Caribbean people and black people on a hold. Instead of the agenda always being set by media  houses whose motives are completely different.

So far so good. I have been blogging for years and my content is hip and happening. I truly do this because I love it. I am not getting paid to do these posts. And I purposely don’t  collect from artistes.

My focus in on the bigger picture. So thank you for reading my blog. I hope you find something you like!


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