So who is Queen Leo? and Why that Name?


Queen Leo

The person behind this blog


Born 1990 Janelle Ann-Marie Nelson is indeed a force to be reckoned with. From she was born she was fascinated with everything musical. Her sister and the rest of the fam use to make up little songs for day to day life. Her father and uncle served as the perfect paparazzi making videos and taking pictures of her early adventures.

At age 4 Janelle… 
Started ballet because her mother wanted her to develop the prowess of a dancer. She also did exams for ballet up until age 16 where she went on Pointe up to grade 7 ballet with Royal Academy of Dance.

At age 7 Janelle…
went to the Edna Manley School of Dance summer school where she won a scholarship to Edna Manley Juniour department.
Before that she did ballet with Royal Academy of Dance at her prep school from the age of four. At the age of 7 she started to learn to play the piano.

At Edna Manley School of Dance Janelle…
was selected to be a part of the workshop she performed in Jamaica at various shows put on by Edna Manley. This where she experienced the art of  touring with her fellow dancers.
(workshop every 2 years)    At this conference called Dance and the child International she performed in Canada,Brazil  Holland and also participated in the Jamaican conference.

Starting at age 9 Janelle joined the Immaculate  Conception High School 
*Glee Club
*Percussion Section  and  Orchestra

At age 16 Janelle was selected to be a 
TEENage Observer writer   this is where her love for journalism blossomed and she loved to see when pieces were published if her Coordinator saw it fit.  This where she also discovered that she could also meet people in real life that she would not normally meet. It was at this age that her Alter Ego Queen Leo came to being. It was this Alias  that she used to express herself and she still sees this persona as her braver side.

At age 19 she was selected

to be a contestant in    the first full figured model search put on by Pulse.


Janelle attended    the University of the West Indies    where she is pursued   a  Bachelors of Arts in Journalism. She hopes to Channel her love for the performing Arts by pursuing music

It was  her love for everything entertainment that birthed her Company Queen Leo Concepts which consists of an entertaiment blog and image consultancy and publicity. Interested on being featured on the blog or hiring a consultant

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